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Here You Will Find Some Of Dairy Machinery UK`s Projects:

Welcome to our projects page, As well as trading machinery worldwide, we are there for you when you need an expert to to start up your machinery. See below some of the projects we have done in the past. To ensure satisfaction with our work in your Dairy, all of our technicians are experienced and expertly trained in the production in all type of milk products.

Installation Of Labelling Machine NERI

30,000ltr Tank Transport and Installation

Boiler Room Installation & Generator

Installation of 2 x 10,000Ltr Tanks 

Pipework Welding & Valve Installation

CIP Installation 

Installation PIERALISI 10.000Ltr/hr Separator

Installation Of Westfalia ECO+ 7000Ltr/hr Separator

Cup Filler & Yoghurt Porcessing Tank Installation

Installation of Federal Filler For Milk

Installation of Pasteurizer 7,000 Ltr/Hr

Reconditioning Of 2 x  Benhil 8304 Machines

Reconditioning Of Benhil 8340

Reconditioning & Change Over To Various Sizes on Trepko XPG 40

Reconditioning of Benhil 8380

Ilpra Cup Filler Change Over

Ilpra Filler

We succesfully completed a change over on a Ilpra Cup Filler .For our Helsinki Client.




Change Over

:Cup changed from 75mm to 71mm . Aluminium station change over,sealing head change over,cup dispenser change over.Manufactured a new filling station for 20gr of jam before filling yoghurt. 


Dairy For 200.000 Milk Ltr/Day

Reconditioning of Alfa Laval MRPX 410 TGD-74

Reconditioning :

Alfa Laval MRPX 410 TGD-74 Separator 10.000 ltr/hr Fully reconditioned was installed but not used since.New Control panel. All tooling available,manual available.

Installation of Waldner Cup Filler 10.1

Waldner Cup Filler 10.000-app 16.000 cups per hour installed by Dairy Machinery UK for a airline yogurt. 

Cup Filler For Cheesecake Factory capacity 2400 Cups/Hr

Project by Dairy Machinery UK for a  Cheesecake factory

in North Yorshire .Small portions 2 x Cup magazine , 2 x biscuit doser for exact grams , 2 piston`s for filling custard , 2 x  jam dosers for exact grams . 

Reconditioni of Plava Separator 

 SOLD :  Zambia                       

Used 3000-5000 litre Plava Cream  Separator and Milk Cleaner , self cleaning.

Year :2000

Fully reconditioned with all spare parts and new Control Panel.

Due to the fact that  we represent PLAVA in the UK full technical suport will be provided.

Reconditioning of Tetra Pak TBA9 200slim.

SOLD  : Pakistan

Manufacturer/Brand Tetrapak
Year of build 1991
Condition Good
Delivery time Immediate


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