At Dairy Machinery UK, we travel the globe to source the best quality pre owned equipment for our customers. Being one of the largest stock holders in the U.K and EU we can offer a large number of machines of various categories with in the Dairy and Food industry.

Having over 40 years of experience in the dairy industry and production process by operating large productions and mechanical/equipment solutions, we can safely say that we can provide solutions and options for your production in terms of machinery and the product itself.

CRF Group has been founded to combine the group of companies that are involved with Dairy Machinery UK the structure and businesses that are : CORFU LTD trading ( Dairy Machinery UK), CRF Auctions, Dairy Machinery U.K B.V and CRF Packaging. Solutions.

Company: CORFU LTD

V.A.T: GB 119664102

EORI: GB 119664102000

Registered Number: 7408400

Running the business day in and day out Thomas Hardy and Nikolas Tsakas can be your direct contacts for machinery purchases, machinery sales,machinery refurbishments and solutions. We are always here to help you, listen to you and assist with your requirements. 

In 2018 Dairy Machinery UK has invested significantly in its own workshop providing machinery refurbishments, new machines, machine change overs. Specialising in the Refurbishments and change overs for butter packing machines, cup filling machines, bottle filling machines, dairy Pasteurisers, separators and Homogenisers with no need in outsourcing parts making sure that we can deliver parts and machines within a quick turnover. 

Exports and packing for our machines and solutions for clients that have purchased assets over seas and would like to safely dismantle and transport the equipment in a safe and professional manner we are here to help you, we work with various companies around the world that have been checked for the responsibility, professional work keeping health and safety at a top criteria and delivering 100%. Having confidence and agreements with our joint venture partners across the globe we can provide solutions for you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Dismantling and installation works for clients that have a line/ machine that needs to be dismantled and relocated, we provide the best teams for this solutions having dismantled lines/machines in places on the world were all dismantling equipment, cranes and personnel needs to be delivered to the place and no local services. 100% successful. 

Parts in the world we have dismantled and relocated Lines/Machines: U.K, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, Cyprus, Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, India, Shri Lanka, Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey. U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Egypt, Italy, Spain. 

Having established our new company in the Netherlands Dairy Machinery UK B.V we hold a number of machines in our European warehouse making transport and delivery quick and easy. 

Purchasing Machinery : At Dairy Machinery UK we offer and sell ONLY machines that we either have in stock or is owned by Dairy Machinery UK or Dairy Machinery UK B.V. As we are constantly looking for used machines for our stock

You can contact us directly to sell your machine/s and you will receive a quick decision and top value for your machine/s. 

We will be pleased to Work with you, contact us to discuss.