MicroFoss 32

MicroFoss 32

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FOR SALE The MicroFoss is a computerised analyser designed to rapidly detect microbial contamination in industrial samples.It can be applied to food, meat, beverage, dairy, water and other applications. The system consists of an incubator, ready-to-use vials and systems software.The flexibility of the system can grow as needed; from 1 to 1024 samples can be tested simultaneously and up to eight instruments can be connected to a single PC allowing any combination of 32 and 128.There is random access to all positions at any time-no batching required. The system has applications for detection of the presence of various groups of organisms by their metabolic processe (e.g. TVC, Coliform bacteria, Enterobacteriaceae,E.coli,Yeast and Moulds ect.) Other tests that can be performed by the system are the detection of spoilage organisms, shelf-life assessment, sterility, swabs and sponges (evironmental) and microbial limits.