Form-Fill-Seal packaging machines FRS series

Form-Fill-Seal packaging machines FRS series

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Min & Max Available Production Capacity

For cups with 65 x 65 mm top rim: from 7,000 up to 33,000 cups/hour

For mini-portion tubs: from 18,000 up to 52,000 pieces/hour

For big cups with 78 × 97 mm top rim: from 6,000 to 12,000 cups/hour #other shapes & sizes are possible

Expected Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): 96%

Optional Features:

Ultra-Clean hygienic version equipped with:

- Continuous-UV or Pulsed-UV technology (LOG3 reduction) for both cups/tubs & lid material.

- Closed sterile air tunnel class 100 over the filling area.

• Inert gas flushing of mini portions for improved shelf life & visual presentation of product.

• Precise product temperature control for hot filling

• Ionizing bars with dust vacuum unit for the base material.

• Quick reel change with double reel feeders for base, label and lid.

Alfa technological advantages:

• Lower maintenance with chain-less base film carriage

• Minimal material waste due to chain-less base film carriage

• Servo-driven technology employed in every station for improved sealing accuracy and peel-ability