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Dairy Machinery UK Brings COMAT Equipment to the British Market 

We Design, Print And Deliver Best Quality Packaging Materials

Dairy Machinery UK offers butter and margarine laminated aluminium foil for form, filling and wrapping machines. 


Having the experience in sourcing/refubishing used form, filling and wrapping machines for over 25 years, we now offer the packing material at a competative price, keeping the quality of European standards. 


We offer the complete package from used/refurbished machines, packing material, intsallation and service. 

Dairy Machinery UK  Exported 119 Farm Tanks To Serbia Last Month.

TREPKO XPG 40 Refurbished/Converted

SOLD To one of Canadas Largest Margarine & Butter Producers.

At Dairy Machinery UK`s work shop , we have now completed a total refurbishment & conversion on a Butter Forming/Filling and Wrapping Machine Trepko Xpg 40.


Previously filled : 250gr in standard format of 75x100 


Now the machine has been changed over to : 

  1. 114,5gr Pack 
  2. 454gr Pack Elgin Style . 

Material : Parchment Paper & Aluminium Foil . 

Complete Format Change Over From 250gr-50gr On a Benhil 8340.

Dairy Machinery UK has provided there client with a complete change over on a Benhil 8340 .

This machine was currently set up to do 100-300gr packs of butter 100x75 mm . Engineers at Dairy Machinery UK took on the job to change this over to a 50gr portion pack . With in 90 days we succesfully completed the job for our client in Pakistan . 

Egli and Fasa butter machinery available in the UK

A Unique & Memorable Experience

28-Mar-2017 By Jim Cornall


Machinery from Swiss butter and margarine processing company Egli AG, and its partner packaging company, Lithuania’s Fasa, is now available to UK producers through Dairy Machinery UK.


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