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The Schuy Maschinenbau GmbH from Hünfeld is located in the heart of Germany and is a family-operated company in the range of production, overhaul and trading of filling and packaging systems. Founded in 1977 by Mr. Hans Schuy, more than 2500 machines have been sold worldwide. 

We use the collected expertise of overhauling used machines for producing our own filling and packaging machines for three decades. Started in the early 1990´s with a single-line rotary machine, we have now a huge range of filling and packaging systems for customer specific requirements. We can offer our customers a high variety of combination possibilities. In addition to our Easyline- and SchuCup- series for filling machines we have developed the SchuPack series for end-of-packaging machines to complete the filling machines to a final filling and packaging line. 

In addition to the established new machines, we are further more the first contact for the overhaul of used machines. There are currently about 250 used filling and packaging machines in our stock, which can be offered to customers in a quality like a new machine for attractive prices. For general used machines we will give you a one year guaranty.

This comprehensive range of products and 40 years of expertise in this business enables SCHUY to provide “everything from one source”. The worldwide customers appreciate a fair price/ performance ratio, first-class quality “Made in Germany” and our customer-oriented service. This shows also the export share of over 70% in 2016.


D.U.UK Heat Exchangers By CRF Group.

The D.M.UK UK  plate heat exchanger consists of heat transfer plates, frame, tightening devices and connecting nozzles.


The plates are made of compression moulded sheet metal with corrugations designed to achieve maximum heat transfer. Each plate is provided with a synthetic rubber gasket which seals the fluid in. The plate is hung on the upper guide bar and is tightened between the stand (fixed frame) and the end plate (movable frame).The fluid flows through a narrow space between the plates and heat is exchanged across the plate surfaces. In the plate heat exchanger, the fluids can travel in various directions of flow, such as looped, in series of  plates.

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