EGLI AG -UK Butter & Margarine Processing Equipment .

Egli AG – where experience and the latest technology meet !

Since 1888 Egli AG has been one of the leading companies in the development, manufacture and maintenance of butter, spread and margarine technololgy for industrial enterprises and research centres.
Experience, the latest techniques and the most modern technology ensure outstanding products and services. ISO 9001 certification is a further guarantee of the highest quality and ultra-modern work processes.


FASA UK Butter & Margarine Packaging Machines.

FASA & EGLI AG Now connected, Dairy Machinery UK brings to the British Market the whole packet completed by one company. Butter Packing machines for various sizes ,tub fillers for various sizes abd speeds. Butter Wrapping and Filling machines are equiped with the highest technology and are very competitive in the New machine Market . Contact us For quotes .

D.U.UK Heat Exchangers By CRF Group.

The D.M.UK UK  plate heat exchanger consists of heat transfer plates, frame, tightening devices and connecting nozzles.


The plates are made of compression moulded sheet metal with corrugations designed to achieve maximum heat transfer. Each plate is provided with a synthetic rubber gasket which seals the fluid in. The plate is hung on the upper guide bar and is tightened between the stand (fixed frame) and the end plate (movable frame).The fluid flows through a narrow space between the plates and heat is exchanged across the plate surfaces. In the plate heat exchanger, the fluids can travel in various directions of flow, such as looped, in series of  plates.

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