Passion for Hygiene 

Elpress is the leading manufacturer in the field of industrial hygiene. We focus on delivering total solutions: customer-focused cleaning systems, professionally integrated into your business process.

Range of Equipment

Personal hygiene

Efficient personal hygiene can not be underestimated, especially in production environments where the risk of contamination poses great danger. Elpress can play an eminent role in reducing these risks.

Cleaning systems

Our cleaning systems are extremely efficient, thrifty in the use of water and power, low maintenance and easy to operate.

Mechanical and Handling Systems

In collaboration with Backsaver Elpress presents a line in Mechanical Handling. The various lifts and tippers are designed to free your employees from heavy lifting operations and are ideal to empty large plastic bins, tubs or crates at a work table height.


Elpress drains and channels are of proven quality. The round shapes and hygienic finishing enable water and dirt to be drained away without any hurdles. Obviously, our drains and channels need to be kept clean on a regular basis, however easy to clean waste.

Innovation is in our DNA!


Elpress has been an innovative force in the area of industrial hygiene for more than thirty years. We strive to maintain our lead in market development by addressing the most divergent questions about hygiene in an inventive and successful way. We are proud to say that a number of our products have set the standard in the industry. Being able to maintain a high level of innovation requires a balanced team of professionals. We cover all these requirements and most important, we listen to you.

We Deliver Elpress Products Across United Kindgom 

Dairy Machinery UK offers Elpress Equipment and Delivers across the United Kingdom !

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