We Travel The World Sourcing Used Food, Beverage And Dairy Machinery, Bringing You Top Quality Equipment! 

99% of the equipment is held in stock and serviced by our expirienced Engineers.


FBF/ Tetra Pak Homogeniser 500 L/H | 250 Bar

ASP Cream Pasteuriser 550 L/H 

BENHIL 8358 & 8535 Twin Filling Butter 10g Portion Packer ( 480 pcs/min) 

Benhil Microfix 8471 Butter Homogeniser 

EGLI Frozen Butter Block Shredder 

Butter Extruding and Shaping For Various Sizes and Shapes 


Do you have surplus assets ?


Dairy Machinery UK Offers Top Prices For Your Surplus Equipment !


Visit and view our exlusive agencies for the United Kindom , spare parts available in stock.


The World of Dairies and Food productions need reliable and high quality machines. Here At Dairy Machinery UK we travel the World to provide you with top quality equipment at great value .On our website you will find a number of machines such as Used Tetra-Pak-Equipment / Homogenizers / Cream Separators-Pasteurizers UHT-HTST / Filling-Machines/Downstream equipment /Butter-processing-and-packaging-equipment/ Liquid transfer pumps/Cheese Processing and Packaging Equipment.

Specializing in the Dairy industry we have now created Refurbsing Facilities that we we carry out on each  machine which arrives in stock giving you a  warranty on each machine that leaves Dairy Machinery UK premises .

Services we provide are machine refurbishments/service contracts / equipment resale before coming out of production/dismantling process / installations /Commissioning .

We Provide engineers for all top brands (Installation /Services and Commissioning) .

At Dairy Machinery UK  You will find our previous project and sales at ''about us'' .

Having the expiriece in the market for over 25 years we can assist you on the best choices also the end product that you wish to make.

Having sold used dairy equipment and machines to a large number of countries in the world such as UK, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Zambia, Soth Africa, USA, Russia, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Albania, Turkey, UAE, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Lebanon, Austria, Brazil, China, Chile, Argentina, etc.

We understand the needs of the countries and can help on transporting and importing the equipment.

We Provide Export Documents For The Machines We Sell

EUR1:EUR.1 movement certificate

EORI :Economic Operators Registration and Identification number

EC Certificate of origin


Above Documents will be provided from Dairy Machinery UK in good will . For Documents that we are not able to gain validity we do not bring any responsibility .

Our Services

Used Machines 

View Our Used Food and Dairy Equipment. We stock 99.9% of the equipment. 

Sell Your Used Equipment 

We Buy Your Used Equipment, Offering Top Cash and Quick Decision. 

New Machines 

New Food processing and Packaging Machinery Covering Services And Spare Parts.

Refurbishing Center 

Having Years of Expirience in Refurbishing and Re Manufacturing Equipment our Services are Available for Your Existing Used Machines. Contact us for an Offer.

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