REDA MULTIPLE‐EFFECT EVAPORATOR for concentration of juices, milk ,whey and other special products,5000Ltr/hr


Operating Characteristics

Multiple-effect evaporator of REDA is a multi-purpose equipment ideal for concentration of a large amounts of heat sensitive products like juices, milk, whey and others.
The first effect works at max +65/70°C and it comes heated not by steam but by means of hot water at max +70/75°C. The product flows very quickly in the circuit so that no thermal damages are possible. The second effect works at around +50/55°C and recovers the heat derived from the condensation of the vapors in the first effect. The last effect works at +40°C and uses tower water at +25/30°C for the condensation of vapors. Tower water is cooled by a specific evaporation tower that may be included in the supply. Then finally, the product comes cooled before the outlet from the unit.








evaporated water in 1 hour







no. of effects


1 or 2




3 or 4

steam consumption







max. concentration



The three-stage low-temperature concentrator performs evaporation of water at low temperatures, is fully automated both in the operating cycle and in the washing cycle. Installation is intended for processing temperature-sensitive products.
At the first stage, evaporation occurs at a temperature of 60-65 ° C, at the second - at 45-50 ° C, and at the third - at 25-30 ° C.
The unit is designed in accordance with all the rules and regulations used in food production in order to ensure the accuracy of technological processes, washing with a central CIP system and ease of maintenance.
The installation is NOT a vacuum spray device (having the problem of "burning" the product on the walls) and the whole process takes place in closed tube and plate heat exchangers. In this regard, it is GUARANTEED for constant and easy washing of the parts that are in contact with the product.
The concentration level is controlled by refracto-measure, which automatically controls the concentration of the finished product.
The unit is capable of concentrating the product with the declared capacity with a solids content from 12% to 45-50%, with reduced productivity - up to 50-60% solids.

The composition of the installation:
►N. 1 balanced grocery tank - 200 liters -
- Designed for production and cleanings
►N. 1 centrifugal pump for pumping product and cleaning solutions
►N. 3 evaporative tanks
- Cylindrical type, with a conic bottom, a removable cover, with a vapor / liquid separation device.
- N. 2 inspection windows.
- Level sensors to control the flow of the product.
►N. 3 steam condensers
- Tubular type. AISI 316 with proprietary system “REDA” pipe in pipe.
- Mounted to evaporative tanks.
►N. 3 circulation centrifugal pumps - CSF -
- The pump of the CS series is made of steel AISI 316.Prednaznachen for circulation of the product in cycloconcentration through the evaporation tank and the heat exchanger for heating to the evaporation temperature.
- The system of valves, allowing to process the product in vacuum conditions.
►N. 3 vacuum systems
- N. 3 vacuum pumps TRAVIANI 2 - x of the step type from steel AISI 316L for creating vacuum up to 30mmbar and for pumping evaporated and condensed moisture (for example, for washing).
- N. 1 intermediate tank for separating steam from water.
- N. 1 self-priming pump for pumping water.
►N. 1 hot water treatment and recirculation system
- N. 1 tubular heat exchanger made of AISI 316 steel type SPIRAX-SARCO
- N. 1 pump for recirculation of hot water CLPEDA
- N. 1 steam modulating valve
- N. 1 condensate discharger
- Safety system
►N. 2 “REDA” plate heat exchangers
- model VT40 GEA ECOFLEX area of ​​0.46 m2 of steel AISI 316L 0.6 mm with seals type NBR.
- The frame of stainless. become.
►N. 1 refracto-measure MASELLI UR20
- The device is equipped with a microprocessor for measuring the degree of concentration “in-line” for the subsequent automatic control.
- Of stainless. steel, 4-20mA signal with automatic cleaning system for measuring the density of products with a high content of solids (more than 30%).
► set of pneumatic valves BARDIANI
- BARDIANI ON / OFF type two and three way valves and control valves to maintain proper level in evaporative tanks during production and washing.
- All valves are equipped with position sensors.
►N. 5 flowmeters.
- Two on the product lines.
- Three on the lines of water.
►N. 1 evaporating column - MITA -
- PME model manufactured for consumption of 1.000.000 kcal / hour.
- N. 1 water collection tank
- N. 1 water recirculation pump made of steel AISI 316, connected to the 3rd stage
- The evaporative column is installed separately to ensure proper ventilation and thermal distribution.
► AISI 316 IP65 steel control panel
- Operator panel with SIEMENS MP370 “touchscreen” monitor with visualization of all processes and parameters.
- The control panel includes an electrical cabinet and a pneumatic panel.
►installation assembled on stainless steel frame
Preliminary data on power consumption
Power supply: 90 kW 3 phase 380V 50Hz
Par 3 bars: 1’660 kg / hour
Water: 2’000 l / h (evaporated and condensed water can be used)
Air: 6 bar
10’000 x 2’400 x 3’000 (h) MM, excluding the evaporating column.


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