KMA H.T.S.T Unit 



  1. Heat Exchanger : Fully stainless steel  with solid stainless steel sides witch attach on and press the plates as any other PHE with  bolts from each side to make sure the right tightens. The PHE has the capacity of 3000 liters per hour and temperatures up to 90 degrees at max. The PHE have been manufactured by KMA witch is a German manufacture many years in the industry . 
  2. Piping On PHE : All the piping on the unit are Stainless steel 316 L DN 40 and for the hot water there is 316 with larger wall thickness.All fittings are stainless steel.The PHE has a holding tube of 2,5 minutes also has a bi-pass for 15 seconds.The long holding tube has the ability to process yoghurt. 
  3. Butterfly valves,T valves,Steam Valves: The butterfly valves that are on this unit are made by cantigra,APV and KMA .It contains one automatic INOXPA valve for the non pasteurized product to return back for pasteurization if the sensor gives the signal that the milk that passed through was not at the right temperature processed .Steam valve is SPIRA X SARCO with a service controller that was serviced by SPIRA X SARCO witch controls the steam to regulate and keep the temperature that was set by the user steady.
  4. Steam Part :The steam part of this unit contains a steam trap,steam pressure regulator,pressure gauge,steam hand valve and a barrel for heating up the water ,all that have been manufactured by SPIRA X SARCO.
  5. Pumps : This unit contains three new pumps ~: One lowara pump with the capacity of 10,000 liters per hour for the circulation of hot water and two product pumps one for the inlet to the balance tank and one for the circulation of the milk into the pasteurizer . 
  6. Control Panel :Control panel has a New Jumo chart recorder ,a New  Jumo controller to set the temperature to wanted levels .It is connected to the piping with with PT100 sensors to read the temperature and take the correct actions. Each pump has it`s own switch to start up with once the user is ready for production.Manual switch for the pneumatic operated T- VALVE INOXPA  to open and close if wanted. Signal lights for each pump and each actions that has been selected by the user. Emergency Stop . Cabinet is stainless steel. All compact in a easy way for the user to have an easy learning on. 
  7. Dimensions : The unit dimensions are the following 240 x 200 and high 200 (cm) .This can be reduced by adding the unit on to a stainless steel pallet for the easy and practical moving of the machine also to save up space in the dairy.
  8. Parts :Balance tank has the capacity of 200 liters and has a flow regulator inside witch is a stainless steel balloon witch lift when the balance tank is full to stop the inlet flow. This balance tank has a half cap that open on the top also a CIP tap to run water through when cleaning, it has a spray ball on the inside to make sure all sides are clean when the CIP process has started. 


If you wish us to add this machine on a stainless steel pallet please note that the price will be : £ 1,500.00 .

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