Technical details

Width   930 mm  
Height   2060 +/- 20 mm  
Length   1880 mm  
Weight   1280 Kgs. Aprox  
Brand   Gram  
Model   FCF 8 SS S2 CAD  
Manufacture year   1998  
Production capacity   150-800 litres/hour Mixing capacity
Icecream making machine. 
The FCF (constant Flex freezer) is a mixing and freezing unit of great capacity.
Its completely automatic operation is done by means of an advanced computer control. 
The computer control keeps the values of quantity, evacuation temperature and quantity of product. 
A special advantage is the possibility that the freezer FCF can communicate with other production systems controlled by computer and can obtain information from computers. 
Thus the product loss and the duration maintainence personnel intervention can be minimized. 
The freezer FCF is designed for functioning in parcially or totally automatic production lines
The freezer FCF is used mainly for the production of ice cream and sorbet. 
The freezer can also be used for the cooling or freezing of other products such as yogurt, sauces, etc. 
The production of hard ice cream is possible without the modification of the system. 
Freezing agent: NH3
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