Production Line For Counting, Packing And Labelling Tablets


Counting line mod. PRX-1102 suitable to count 30 tablets, into plastic bottles, seal by indication, close with screw plastic caps, label with self-adhesive label. This line in composed be the following equipment:


1.    Rotary turntable diam. 1000mm, stainless steel (MATR. 6685-12)

2.    Automatic counting unit (MATR. 6686-12)
The multi-lane tablet counter is designed to feed and count a variety of different tablets and capsules into bottles. The depth of product on the hopper tray is regulated by the adjustment of the hopper door. The amount of product fed on to the middle tray is regulated by level of vibration of the hopper tray. The Count Sensor is an infra-red device which looks through an aperture and has a minimum detection sensitivity of 3mm.

Electrical supply v 230/1/50
Power 0.7 Kw
Pneumatic Supply 6 bars Clean and Dry
Consumption - 200 litters per min. 
Dimensions of battles - max diam. 55 mm x max height 115 mm 


3.    Capping Unit (MATR. 6688-12)
Model ñ Tappatrice Automatica (V1T)
Power Supply:
Voltage ñ 3 x 380 Vac + N + PE
Frequency ñ 50 Hz toll. 1 Hz
Installed power ñ 2.25 Kw
Pneumatic Supply:
Minimum pressure 6 Bars
Capacity: 2000 Nlt/min.
Output data:
Hourly speed ñ 1800 Bottles/h max
Minimum bottleís height ñ 70mm approx.
Maximum bottleís height ñ 200 mm approx.


4.    Induction cap sealing system (MATR. 6689-12)

5.    Labelling unit (MATR. 6690-12)
Labelling head:
Stopper motor with a delivery speed from 3 to 20 m/minute
Power supply 230 V ñ 50Hz
Braking brush to control tautness of label web
Label holder reel with 40 mm inner diameter, 270 mm outer diameter
Backing paper rewinder roller 
Variable read photocell to stop the label 
Photocell to detect products
Possibility of rotation for upper or lateral application of labels
Label formats handled 
Label with at exit edge from 20 to 120 mm (including backing paper)
Minimum length 15 m 


6.    Outfeed rotary turntable diam. 1000, stainless steel (MATR. 6685-12)

Manufacturer: PMR SYSTEM GROUP SRL, Italy 
The line was manufactured in 2012, installed in 2013
Line was used for packing multivitamins in plastic battles: diameter 37mm height 69mm (30 tablets in the battle) and diameter 50mm height 100mm (30 tablets in the battle)
Dimensions of the tablets that were used: oblong tablet 23mm x 10mm x 8mm, round tablet diam. 17mm, h7mm and oblong tablet 17mm x 8mm x 4mm 
Condition: the line has not more than 30 working hours (was used only 4 time)
Operational and service manual in PDF and hard copy (on English) 

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