AVE Uniblock Filler 16/4 With SIPA Blow Molder And Label Ap.

AVE Uniblock Filler  http://www.ave-technologies.com

Filling heads : 16

Capping : 6

Cap Type : 38mm

Bottle Type : PET

Rinsing Bottles before fill

Sterile Cabinet

Filter applied on top of the machine

Control Pnnels .

Table for automatic bags of bottles

Conveyor units.

Cap Elevator

Labeling machine '' Adhesive 9T/540/2S-2E'' 

Shrinking oven SOTEMAPACK

Condition: Very good

CIP :Available


SIPA Blow Molder .

Type : SF 12/8

Y.M :1999

Bottle type : Round PET 1 L.

Condition:Very Good

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