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Titaan 2-90


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Lynx Series:

New generation table top machines: attractive design, full color screen, print en label function, flat workspace for optimal cleaning

  • Chamber Dimensions (LxbxH): 360x320x103 inch
  • Machine dimensions(LxbxH): 534x400x385 mm
  • Seal bar length: 320 mm
  • Pump capacity: 08 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-30 sec

-Lynx 32 Price : £ 2,248 +Vat 


-Lynx 42 Price : £ 2,606 + Vat

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Mini Series:

For professional packaging with a high-end vacuum and a low price.

  • Chamber Dimensions (LxbxH): 310x280x85 mm
  • Machine dimensions(LxbxH): 450x330x295 mm
  • Seal bar length: 280 mm
  • Pump capacity: 004 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 25-60 sec
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Boxer Series:

The smallest table top model that can be equipped with with options such as gas flush, sensor, Liquid control etc.

  • Chamber Dimensions (LxbxH): 370x350x150 mm
  • Machine dimensions(LxbxH): 525x450x385 mm
  • Seal bar length: 350 mm
  • Pump capacity: 016 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-30 sec
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Toucan Seiries:

Vertical vacuum packing machine suitable for packing pouches of different sizes through the adjustable platform provided.

  • Chamber Dimensions (LxbxH): 85x390x275mm
  • Machine dimensions(LxbxH): 480x490x780mm
  • Seal bar length: 420 mm
  • Pump capacity: 021 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-35 sec.
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Marlin Series:

A Floor model suitable for packing 1/1 gastronorm.

  • Chamber Dimensions (LxbxH): 460x580x110 mm
  • Machine dimensions(LxbxH): 660x780x970 mm
  • Seal bar length: 2 x 460 mm
  • Pump capacity: 040 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec.
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Falcon Series:

Single chamber model with a viewing window

  • Chamber Dimensions (LxbxH): 520x500x230 mm
  • Machine dimensions(LxbxH): 690x700x1070 mm
  • Seal bar length: 2 x 520 mm
  • Pump capacity: 063 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec.
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Polar Series:

Robust single chamber model

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Diptank Series:

Shrink technology protects your product like a second skin.

  • Chamber Dimensions (LxbxH): 500x600x220 mm
  • Machine dimensions(LxbxH): 740x770x1055 mm
  • Seal bar length: -
  • Pump capacity: -
  • Machine cycle: 3-5 seconden
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