M Davis Group Europe Presents: Large Dairy Processing Equipment Auction in Greece



FEATURED AUCTION  |  ONLINE  |  Wednesday, October 25th – Thursday, November 9th, 2017 
LOCATION: Sofokli Venizelou 23, Thessaloniki 546 24, Greece

(400+) S/S Mixing, Holding & Processing Tanks From 10-2,000 Gallons (Manufactured by Japy, Packo Ermicon, PSM & Others), (11) Milk Delivery and Tanker Trucks by Mercedes Benz, Fridge, & Iveco (2) APV Rannie Homogenizers, (1) APV Gaulin Homogenizer, (1) Advaned Membrance Tech DDS Ultra Microfiltration Unit, (1) 2009 Tetra Pak Case Packer (Like New Condition!!), (2) Cheese Vats by Paasch Silkeborg & Other Manufactures, (1) Dixe Unioun / Euro-Slicer Automatic Cheese Slicer, (2) Cheese Cutters / Harps, (1) Boekels Checkweigher, Model EWK 408 (NOTE: (Utilized on Euro-Slicer Cheese Cutter), (1) All S/S Constructed Twin Screw Butter Auger, (2) Hamba 4-Wide Cup Filling Lines (Set UP for 85 MM Cups), (1) Socar Bag and Box Filler, (50+) Centrifugal, Positive Displacement and Other Product Pumps, (1) New Upright 1900 kg Beam Lift, Model TL49, AND MUCH MORE!!!!!

Dairy Processing & Packaging Equip Auction Including 100s of S/S Mixing, Storage & Processing Tanks, Fluid Milk, Yogurt & Cheese Production Equipment – Surplus to one of Greece’s Largest Dairies

Please contact M Davis Group Europe at 412-521-5751 or info@mdavisgrp.com. You can also reach Thomas Hardy, M Davis Group Europe, at +44 (0) 7847955125 or mdavis@dairymachineryuk.co.uk

M Davis Group are now working with Dairy Machinery UK to offer auction, appraisal and equipment liquidation services throughout Europe. M Davis Group Europe brings the same skills and savvy developed over decades of buying and selling assets in North America to service customers and clients in European markets

Surplus to Ongoing Operations of Large Dairy Processor in Greece



FEATURED AUCTION  | ONLINE AUCTION  |  DATE & TIME: Thursday, December 7th – Thursday, December 14th
LOCATION: Varis Ave 28th, Koropi,19400 Greece

Reda 10.000 LPH S/S Plate Heat Exchanger (Model 26); Reda S/S Plate Heat Exchanger with (3) Dividers and 3-Sections; Arsopi  Thermal 572 L S/S Plate Heat Exchanger (Model CH20-HP-89); S/S Plate Heat Exchanger with 2-Sections (120) S/S Plates; Reda 6,900 GPM S/S Cream Separator, (Model RE 100/T); (2) Approx.1,473 L / 389 Gal. S/S Double Jacketed Tank with Agitator; Approx. 211 L / 56 Gal. S/S Balance/Float Tank; (3) Approx. 5,000 L / 1,320 Gal. Cone-Bottom S/S Tank with Heated Cone-Bottom; 2002 COMAT Salt Dosing Barrel (Model SSB 300-R); 2002 COMAT Stretcher Feeder; COMAT 1,200 Kg/Hr. Stretcher; Bizerba Metal Detector; Bizerba Top and Bottom Label Applicator; (15) 2-Compartment Open Top S/S Cheese Vat/Tank of Various Sizes; Roversi 120 L / 31 Gal. S/S Cheese Cooker; Dima Twin Screw Mozzarella and Soft Cheese S/S Auger; 2004 Ulma Nevada LS Horizontal Flow Wrapper; Hajek 16-Pc. S/S Cheese Slicer with Plate Knifes; Foss Bacto Scan 8000S Colony Counter (Type 73810); 2004 Malavasi High Shear S/S Cutter/Mixer/Blender (Model P40); Alfa Laval S/S Deaerator (Type DC 500 E); 2004 PBI Dansensor Combi Module Vacuum In-Line Oxygen Analyzer (Model 9100-6); 2007 Sealed Air Cryovac Food Packaging Systems (Model ST98-600 STEAM); Twin Auger Cheese Moulding Machine; Thurne GMBH S/S Cheese Slicer (Type MS); Comat Rotary S/S Moulding Machine with Twin Auger and S/S Feeder; Multiple S/S Air Valves; Multiple Flow Diverter Stations; More To Be Added.

Upcomming auction in Greece Lots To Be Added , wanting to find out more or turn your assets in to Capital .

Contact : +44 (0) 7847955125 Thomas Hardy.

Sell & Convert Your Assets Into Capital .

We provide personalized asset recovery solutions, helping our clients reach all potential buyers to maximize returns

We Provide Personalized Asset Recovery Solutions, Helping Our Clients Reach all Potential Buyers to Maximize Returns.

Let us help you make the right decisions about your assets. We offer asset appraisals; equipment, facility & real estate auctions; acquisitions; liquidations; & ongoing management consultation. We can guide you quickly & efficiently through complex valuations, transactions & restructuring

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