ESPIN New Cream Separators and Bactofuges

ESPIN New Cream Separators and Bactofuges

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Whenever it is necessary to separate liquids or remove ultra-fine particles, and when traditional filtration methods reach their performance limits, disk stack centrifuges are exactly what you need to achieve the best results….

Trailblazing designs, consistent and innovative research, superior materials and complete

sharing of expertise, thanks to a lean and flexible structure: these are the key ingredients

in our approach. They allow us to focus directly on our most important objective: maximum

machine efficiency performance and total satisfaction for you.


Al components are manuractured to the highest quality and safety standards. Special SUPER DUPLEX stainless steels with very high resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion are used for the bowl. Parts in contact with the product are made of ASI 304/316 stainless steel.

Starting from an in-depth analysis of your needs and adding the wide experience we have

accumulated over time and in different application areas, we are able to develop the most

suitable solutions for your product and/or process requirements.