Form-Fill-Seal packaging machines FRS series

Form-Fill-Seal packaging machines FRS series

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Filling systems

  • Appropriate for any liquid to viscous product
  • With or without soft particulates
  • Cold or hot (up to 93°C) filling process
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • ~ Servomotor driven operation
  • Dosing accuracy: £1% on homogenous products
  • Aseptic dosing pistons
  • Hygienic design of the filler according to EU standards
  • CIP & SIP connectable filler

Optional features:

  • Tank blanketing with electronically controlled sterile air appropriate for viscous products (i.e. mayonnaise).
  • Compensator for dosing thick products (i.e. butter).
  • Double jacket product hopper.
  • Heated filling head .
  • Stirring device (agitator) with stainless steel motor.
  • High accuracy level probe by SICK.
  • Filling nozzles appropriate for each viscosity of products.