Butter Extruder and Shaping Machine

Butter Extruder and Shaping Machine

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Semi - Automatic Butter Extruder, Shaping and Cutting Machine fited on full stainless steel frame, Control panel. Two Stainless steel screw augers, stainless steel hopper. Cutting wires on outfeed conveyor making the machine user friendly.

Usage : Butter and Various Viscous Pastes Extruding, Shaping and Cutting Machine 


Construction: Fully Stainless steel and Glass Blasted to provide the finish on the metal and harden the surface.  

Shapes and Sizes : Choose your own shpe and size


Volumes : Depending on Model we can offer machines for 50g Up to 25Kg Blocks in Boxes. 


Hopper Volumes On Extruders : 18 Litres and 50Litres 


Control Panel : Butter Working Switch, Butter Extruding Switch, Start/Stop and

Emergency Stop Button. 


Safety : Machine is Equiped with Stainless Steel Cover that Brings The Machine To a Stop If This is Opened. 


Cutting : Cutting Wires come down manualy and bring the machine to a Stop


Out Feed : Out Feed Conveyor is Built with Stainless Steel Rollers that help the Prodcut Slide Out Avoiding any Sticking and Changing The Prodcut Shape.  

Electricity : This Machine can work on Single Phase 220v /50hz , 3Phase 400v / 50hz and US Electrics on 60hz. Choose on Order. 



ManufacturerDairy Machinery UK
Hopper Volumes On Extruders18 Litres and 50Litres
Lead Time5 weeks
Warranty12 months
Spare PartsDairy Machinery UK