New Batch Pasteurisers

New Batch Pasteurisers

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New Batch Pasteurisers custom made on request.

Dairy Machinery UK offers new Batch pasteurisers for the Food and beverage industry. Our BPT Series is capable of Milk Pasteurisation, Ice cream mixing, Ice Ceam Fermentation, Sauces, Brewery industry,etc. 


Volume Capabilities (Litres) 100 - 2000
Control PanelStainless steel Control box, Controls, Thermometer Controller, ON/OFF Agitator, Chart Recorder
Heating OptionsHeating Elements, Hot Water and Steam
Milk Pasteurisation68-75c
Max Temperatures95c
Cooling OptionsConnection to Ice Bank and Circulation Cold water through the Jacket Plate Cooler Connection on the Outlet
Heating TimeBetween 30m-1hr for BPT100 to BPT500 Series With Heating Elements BPT600 -BPT2000 Heating by HOT water or Steam
Cooling Time30min to 45min Depending on Cooling Temperatures
StructureStainless steel 316L & 304 Triple Jacket with Insulation
AgitationSlow Agitation with double props at two diferent levels & High Shear mixing for Ice Cream
CleaningSpray ball internally for even cleaning by circulation of Hot water and chemicals used in the food industry
AutomationWe offer Full automation on our batch Pasteurisers that cover the full circle of heating down to cooling & Additional Costs will be added for automation
OpeningsTwo Up Folding Covers for Easy Cleaning and Inspection
Product OutletDIN40-DIN50 On semi cone to make sure all product flows out
UasegeMilk Pasteurisation/ Ice Cream Mixing/ Ice Cream Fermentation/ Sauces/
Lead Time5-8 weeks from Order Delays may apply during COVID 19