CRF Group Of Comapnies , has been in the used equipment market from 2009. The companies unders this Group are Meat Machinery UK ,Dairy Machinery UK and M Davis Group Europe . We have provided used and new machines to over 35 countries having a total of sales up to 2016 of 1000`s  machines . 

Meat Machinery UK has been established in order to cover the meat industry providing used machines , services and refurbishments on the equipment sold .

Our Sales Directors and Equipment Managers travel the globe in order to find equipment at competitive prices and top quality .

We hold our HQ in Derby, United Kingdom . A range of machines can be found at our premises also we can source machines through out our contacts , still keeping low costs and quality assured .  

We offer cash for your surplus equipment ! 

 Dairy Machinery UK is here to help you find buyers for your machinery. 

Our aim is to find you the best possible price.


We buy your  used machines.  We have many years experience in producing our own dairy products so we can help you decide on the best possible dairy production lines and assist with the product itself.

Take advantage of our vast experience and our professional and reliable approach. Dairy Machinery UK will help you make the right decision  to ensure you reach your optimal goal.


We have experience in reconditioning machines such as  processing equipment, ice cream machines, bottle-filling machines, butter wrappers, cup fillers, lablelling machines, packaging machinery and separators.

Take advantage of our vast experience and our professional and reliable approach. Dairy Machinery UK will help you make the right decision  to ensure your business succeeds in today's competitive market.  


Dairy Machinery UK travels around the globe to get you top quality machines at competative prices.

M DAVIS & Dairy Machinery UK join forces in the EUROPEAN Market in the Auction and Liquidation Services .


MDAVIS with a large expirience in the auction industry ,has achieved in being the largest auctioneer in the USA. Dairy Machinery UK is working and  keeping MDAVIS standards and philosophy providing nothing else but top quality auctions and asset liquidations .


Contact us to speak with one of our auction organizers .



At Disincom we travel the globe to bring to your the most competitive offers of aseotic fillers. As we have a vast expirience in the aseptic filling and trading business we have now built contacts to fullfill your needs of used equipment.Brands we use are :Tetra Pak -SIDEL-SERAC-SIG and many more equipment.


Once you have contacted us you will receive a number of offer on the requested equipment and we work together to get the best possible outcome on price -dismantling and commissioning of the equipment.


Our main sector is trading in the food and beverage industry ,so we are always please to ffer you cash for your surplus equipment .


We take care of dismantling -installing and commissioning of the equipment we offer you or the equipment you already own or would like to purchase off a thrid party .


A Creation By Dairy Machinery UK !


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