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  • Tetra Pak TBA 9 200ml Slim
  • Advanced Instruments Fluorophos FML200
  • Bottle Filler with aluminium Capper 
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  • Tetra Pak 200-330ml complete lines
  • Butter wrapping and forming equip. 
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Used Tetra Pak Machines

TetraCap Applicator 45

D.S: 660125-0100
Year of manufacture: 2004

Tetra Pak TBA/9 250 ml base line filling machine, manufacturing year 1992
- Straw applicator TUBEX manufacturing year 1996 
- Tetra Pak Tray Packer TTP/31, manufacturing year 1995

Delivery: Immediately


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Machine Info:  Filling Line - TBA 9 200 Base line

- Brand: Tetrapak
- Model: TBA 9 - 200 Base Line
- Production Year: 1996

- Last used Date: Still working
- Produced Products: juice & milk
- Capacity: 6000 bh approx
- Status: 
Used machine 


SOLD  : Pakistan

Manufacturer/Brand Tetrapak
Year of build 1991
Condition Good
Delivery time Immediate


Directly availlabe a Tetrapak TBA 9 250 ml carton machine that was previously used for packing fruit juices and fruit pulp.


Missing Parts : 

Bending Roller Motor

Bending Roller Motor Board

Registration mark photocell.


The forming head and sealing jaws are in excellent conditions, main motor is functional, sensors.


Machine is European electric 400V 50/60 Hz; PLC Allen Bradley