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Welcome to Dairy Machinery UK

Dairy Machinery UK is here to assist and advise on processing and packaging equipment .


We also buy new and used machines for reconditioning and selling on. We have many years experience of producing our own dairy products so we can help you decide on the best possible dairy production lines and assist with the product itself.


Dairy Machinery UK is the official representative of Poly Pack,ME Food Solutions and Henkelman Vacuum Packers.


On our website can be found Food & Beverage processing equipmentbrewery equipment, all types of packaging machinesbottle fillers new & used, used Tetra Pak machines,cup fillers, butter manufacturing and packing equipment, labelling machines, storage tanks, separators, homogenizers, pasteurizers and heat exchanges, laboratory equipment and complete plants. 


Take advantage of our vast experience and our professional and reliable approach. Dairy Machinery UK will help you make the right decision  to ensure you reach your optimal goal.


Trepko XPG40 80-90 pcs per minute ,fully reconditined. Butter forming/filling and wrapping machine.Format can be chosen. 

Completed Project: 


Ilpra cup filler change over : Cup size from 75mm-71mm this includes : sealing head,cup despencing station,pot holes,aluminium despencing station.Manufactured new filling station for jam type products of 10gr-50gr also remanufactured main filling station for minimizing the spilage as the product is milk.


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Plava JSC  Cream Separator 3000-5000 ltr/hr self cleaning with cream standardisation.
3000ltr/hr cream separating(skimming) and 5000ltr/hr clarifying.
Year Of manufacture : 2004 was in use for 2 years on and off.

ASG-3 Vertical Packing Machine

Machine for packing homogeneous liquids in polyethylene or polypropylene bags.

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Why Sell on Auctions when you can double your profit.


How we work : 

If you have any surplus equipment/whole dairy facilities  that you are trying to sell and the condition of the equipment does not help ,that`s when we can help by storing your equipment/reconditioning and applying marketing solutions for a quick sale. 

  • No charges for storing/reconditioning or marketing solutions are applied.
  • Valuation of the equipment for dairies that are not familiar with used equipment prices.

Contact : +44 (0) 7847955125

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