Dairy Consultancy

Consultancy Services:

  • Product Advice: We have over 30 years experience in processing dairy products such as Greek yoghurt, butter, cheese, Feta, cream and pateurized milk (UHT, ESL, HTST). 


  • Processing


  • Equipment advice: Choosing the correct equipment and machinery is paramount in the dairy business, in this way you will achieve better product quality and productivity.


  • Packaging: In the packaging sector we can advise you and help you select the optimum machinery and material for economical production and your customers' ease.


  • Facilities and Installment: The right set up for a food production line is essential. We will help you select the most experienced business in the Food & Beverage sector for the safety and hygiene of your dairy. 


  • Capacity: We give advice and help you decide the right capacity that you should aim for, bearing in mind the different sectors of your dairy.


  • Market Research
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